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Dash Society is a free online horse simulation game with unique and new features. Such as, riding your virtual horse in the wilderness and exploring our various lands with your horse. Providing the best game play for loyal, dedicated and fans of horses is our main goal & objective in the sim game industry.

Some of our features currently include, riding, jumping, and roping your horse throughout our challenges that are spread throughout the wildlands that we have to offer our players.

Also, you can encounter wild herds while you're roaming freely through the wildlands. If you want to capture one of the horse, you'll have to track them down and catch them using your skills, wits & the ability that your horse has.

If you're a fan of wild Paints, Drafts, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Arabs, Mustangs and Appaloosas horses, they can found running around in our lands that are untamed and untouched by human hands. We have over 100 different horse colors in Dash Society, so you can easily find the best & perfect horse that you've always wanted to have. We're a friendly and positive community for anyone that's a fan of horses like we are.

Training your virtual horse can be done in roundpens or fenced in areas and jumping your horse can help you compete in our events that'll make you test the skills of your horse and yourself. Your horse is always alive and will think for itself. If you don't form a strong bond with your horse, it will most likely not listen to you. So, be sure to feed your virtual horse and give it enough water to drink. Otherwise it won't be able to sustain itself being ridden out in the wilderness.

Our online game also offers rare horse breeds that are hard to find and difficult to catch. There's only a few daring horse riders that are capable of catching these particular horses for themselves, so breaking them into being ridden will be a whole different ball game. If you can catch them doesn't mean you can tame them!

So, do you have what it takes to explore new lands and catch wild horses while surviving in the wilderness where anything can happen?

The Road to Alpha!

September 15th 2018

Alpha is almost here! Join us on our discord server at

Click here to join us in chat on Discord!

Today is the start of working on the breeding update that will make big changes to Dash and bring the game to Alpha!

Next month will be the Halloween Event! If there any event you shouldn't miss, then this one is it!

This breeding update will allow horses to breed and introduce foals, colts and fillies to the game! Wild Stallions will fight each other for control of the herds and mares will take care of their foals. Some horses may decide to leave their herd and go find another herd more suited to them! Wandering stallions may even try to take over a herd of their own. Plenty of excitement coming in this update!