A 2D Open World Horse MMO in your Browser!

Are you looking for a new horse game to play? Then Take a look at Dash Society! Where wild horses roam free!

Currently in alpha testing. New things being added every week!

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Take a look at the horses in their pen while they move about and live out their lives. Pick a horse you want to ride or borrow a friend's! There are no restrictions in Dash Society!

Explore a vast world with your horse. Visit A city several villages and a town filled with people and discover the world in Dash Society. Adventure in the many caves if you dare with your horse. You can take your horses anywhere.

Follow the advice of npc's and you may end up saving your horse!

Does your friend need your help and you don't have a spare horse for them? No Worries! Ride double with them!!

Find wild horses and try to catch them if you can in the steppe or out the wilds or even in someone's house!

Release the wild horses back to the wilds if you choose or keep them all to yourself! The choice is up to you!

Discover new wild horses with your friends as you roam the steppe keeping an eye out for dangers!

Name your horse and claim your horse! Let others know how special your horse is. There are over 500 different breed/color combinations in game

Discover the day and night cycle in Dash Society and adventure at night with a torch at your own risk!!

What's in Dash Society?

-Horses that can think for themselves
-Play with all your friends or meet new horse gamers!
-Ride double with a friend!
-Discover over 500+ different horses in the game(breeds and colors)
-Own a stable if you donate a certain amount on Patreon!
-Brave the wilderness on the steppe and discover new places!
-Learn new professions helping you take the game to the next level! Like Horse Trainer or Messenger!
-Discover the City of Dash! Visit the horse market and visit all the shops!