Horse personalities or how to make horses uniquely different.

I like to note that this post is speculative in nature as currently it is not in the schedule to implement personalities in the game yet. Maybe a few months down the road. Lets get started though and see what we are getting into!

Personalities are a way for horses to express themselves to the player. Giving a benefit of uniqueness to ones horse so stats aren’t the only thing that make a horse worth using. Their behaviors can also be used to balance their stats and preventing super horses that are better than any horse out there except against other super horses.

Horses can be given a few personalities off the start when they are first born. There is a loner personality that makes a horse avoid large herds and prefer to be alone most of the time. Usually you won’t find these in herds very much. There can be a hyper-active horse that bounces around too much from in and out of the herd. They tend to move around more and would make excellent chasing horses if you can pin them down!

Not all horses come with good personalities or useful ones. Sometimes a horse with a calm manner isn’t the best horse to be good for races where a more active personality would be. Sometimes horses can be bad, espically ones with high stats that would be a good horse but takes the right hand and the right rider to set them straight or not.

Most horses stay in the middle of the road on personality wise. There are a few or rare extremes in the bunch. But if you look hard enough you can find the horse that matches you and has the attitude and stats to reach your goals. Now that is all I am going to say about personalities. There is mood and behaviors too that horses can display. At birth the personality is set in stone to prevent any wild moods swings that would probably annoy players to find their horses changing while under saddle. Not a fun situation to be in. It is best for them to remain as they are and wait for another horse to come around that’ll match the owner’s tastes more.

Up next I am going to talk about horse breeding and why it can be a problem. I hope to hear any comments or insights players would like into the Dash Society horse game 🙂 Thank you.



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