Getting the game ready

For the month of April I am gearing up production on Dash. I’ll bring in new art and start laying out the world map which I’ll show on here on this blog.

The very first thing that needs to be done is the back story for Dash Society. I been at it for awhile and most of what I have tried to try didn’t work. It was simply  to boring and uninteresting of a start and if I written it. I also had to explain it. Rewriting paragraphs didn’t make the back story any better than it was before because it dealt with a big event that wasn’t interesting in the first place.

Well I removed that major event and now it all flows together. There is no plague anymore. There is a large group of immigrants from the snowy mountains in the north that are looking for a new lands to settle and they travel through mountains for miles heading south and once they hit open grasslands they settle and found a new city called Horkarmennar. The city of light and hope for a new life and future.   That is all I am going to spoil for now.

I hope you enjoyed this short blurb. I’ll post more about it this week. I’ll make a bigger post at least thousand words or so.