World Size: How big will Dash Society be?

Sorry I missed last week that I was going to post on the new story. I have something exciting come up but not to worry story is still being worked on but it needs to be put aside for a couple days while I sort out this new thing. I can’t announce it yet on this blog but I will.

On to the important stuff we have to talk about World Size in Dash Society or how big is the world going to be? What are the limitations on the size of the world in which wild horses roam about?

The two major limitations on world size is player loading the map at the start of their game session and the amount of blocks or squares in the world map. ¬†Currently the map contains about 20 thousand blocks give a take a few thousand. Blocks are divs or square boxes that browser use to assemble a layout on your screen in the browser. That is a basic layman’s description of how blocks are used in Dash. Each block has a image that goes with it.

Well then how big is the actual world map? World has to be done in pixels because the browser uses pixel to represent the blocks or squares on the screen. Last time I guessed it was 120,000 x 120,000 that is 120 thousand pixels across and 120 thousand pixels tall. That is huge and it covers a very large area. To travel on horse from one side of the map to another would probably take five minutes while riding around obstacles. It has to be that big in order for the wild herds to be able to roam and hide in the landscape.

Along the way you’ll encounter two other villages, rivers,lakes,forests,caves,desert and the mountains in the north. There will be quite a bit of exploring to do if you get lost. Getting lost out in the wilds will be quite dangerous for your horse and you of course. Most likely you’ll end up back at the starting village with no horse or no items.

I would like to show a image of the map yet that would spoil too much. So later on I’ll show a small section of the world map that you can view. The world map is still in the process of being built so it is not completed no where near 100% .

It is late now so I’ll make a part 2 soon, very soon.