Rare Horses in Dash Society

What are rare horses in Dash? Rare horses that have rare unique colors in the wild.

Here is a rare horse that you may only see once in game. I present to you the rare blue roan paint!

Isn’t she pretty? She won’t be easily caught too! We’re not even going to talk about breeding yet.

Their colors and breed combination makes them rare. It also makes them stand out amongst other horses. Every rare horse as a unique ability that separates them from other horses. It may be something simple as eating less food or never spooking or bucking. It also could be a negative trait of only liking their owner and disliking everyone else.
These rare horses don’t necessarily have better stats, only that they have a range of good to bad stats like any other horse.

So where do you find these horses? They are hard to find and hard to catch. It may even take a coordinated team effort to catch these horses as they’ll resist captvity with their strong wills. They hide out in the wilderness in hard to reach places with their own herds. You will have to go off the safe paths and look for them in dangerous areas as they’ll most likely hang around there, safe from civilisation.

The actual life spans of rare horses will be the same as normal horses to prevent the rise of rare horses overtaking the general captive horse population. Rare horses have to remain rare over the given horse populuation. Also horse lifespans have to be shorter in order to counter the rise of super horses. The actual lifespans of horses have not been decided yet.

What are super horses and why would that be a concern in a horse game like Dash? Super horses are horses that are better in every way compared to normal horses you would find majority of the population. Why take a horse when you “have” to use your super horse? Going some where? Take a super horse because they’ll be faster/eat less food/need less rest. Super horses over time would make other horses worthless to have if they are alive in sufficent number. If you can only compete if you have a super horse and not any other horse then you have a problem. The problem is being allowing super horses to exist and not the players who use the horses. It is a problem that will not happen in Dash.

Are rare horses super horses? No they are rare because of their colors or breed and colors. They may have one or two thing that makes them special but their stats are just like their regular horse counterpart. Rare horses aren’t any better at things than other horses. Most likely they will be kept safe on a farm or in a stable away from the dangerous outside world. It would be considered stupid to risk your rare horse when any other horse can do the job of traveling to the next village or mail delivery which there will be a new post about that too!

It is possible to breed a rare horse? Yes even with normal horses there can be a very small chance a rare horse is born. The chance increases if a rare horse is breed with a normal horse. Now if you breed two rare horses together you end up with a much lower chance of a rare horse and a higher chance of a normal horse. But if you are lucky and odds are in your favor, you may end up with one of the only few dozen ultra rare horses. Those horses will be really rare and maybe only a dozen will ever exist.

Dash Society’s World Map

Months back I promised to update everyone on the world size in Dash. Well I have a special treat to show you! The World Map as it was during the Halloween event!

It shows two villages, farmstead, the huge forest, a cave, desert, rivers that merge into one. Also it has the beginning of the mountains on top of the map. It easy to get lost in this map, especially in the forest. The only fast way to get around was to ride your horse and that what the map was made for! I think it was taking five minutes to ride from one end of the map to the other side assuming you had to go around obstacles and lost your direction once or twice.

The world is huge and it is only going to get bigger! We are forgetting to add in the whole city of Dash which is also located on a large river too. Not only will you be able to ride out in the wilds but also take your horse into the city too! The city of Dash is actually located west of this map by some distance.

How big is the city of Dash? City of Dash is split by a river into two parts, east and west side. The population size in the city is about one hundred thousand people mixed between rich and poor areas and industry. Think pre-medieval and you have the right idea on how the city looks like. Now the world also includes the city itself and the lands around it that have a few villages, one or two major towns and one huge forest. So you are at least 20 times the size of the current world map in Dash as of this moment. That is plenty of space for what we’ll talk about in the next post 🙂

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