Stables in Dash Society

Many horse game have stables that exist in a instance or a personal copy of the world. No matter how many players join the game and own their own stable. There is always room for other players to own stables. All the stables have the same look and feel. Even if you decorate, your stable still has the same layout as your friends and hundreds of other stables.

I have something to show for the upcoming Christmas playtest on the 29th Take a look at this stable inside the rich area of the city of Dash.

2k Warning. This image is large so you can see the scale of it!

This stable is one of dozens in the world. Since it is in a public area this stable isn’t player owned, players can only rent the stalls for gold. When you are renting stalls in this stable you can board your horses here for a fee which has to be paid or your horses will get evicted.

Notice how this stable exists in the world and is not sectioned off in its own instance. Every stable in the game, even the player owned stables, exists in the real world. That means stable can’t be large 100+ stall buildings that take up huge amounts of land. They have to fit in the world of Dash and that means having limitations on size and quality. Every player owned stable will be unique and have its own different layout. So no one stable is the same and every one will have its own charm or dislike to it. Like rich vs poor stables or city vs outside stables, there will be only be so many stables in the world. Most of the stables will be player owned.

Stables require lots of maintenance and is not recommend for someone by themselves to run a stable on their own. It is best to have a group of friends or like minded players to assist in running a stable. Lack of maintenance and not paying rent on the stable will mean eviction. This is because there are only going to be a limited number of stables in the world. Owners who claim stables and not use them or forget about them will be evicted to allow more qualified owners to take over. Having your own stable will be only for the most dedicated of players and not for the light hearted. 95% of players should have no reason to own one and their gameplay should be unaffected. There will be plenty to do besides having to maintain and run a stable. Trust me.

Breeders may choose to own a stable or not. It is really up to them if they need to space and need to handle multiple horses at once. Breeding comes with its own risks and rewards as I made in an earlier post.

For those players who choose to pay to own a stable. It is a premium feature and will require a month subscription to have the ability to own one stable. I don’t think it would be fair for one person or group to own more than one stables and crowd out other stable buyers. So restrictions will be put into place. Stables can be traded or sold for what market price you can get from other players if you choose to sell it.

That is it for now. In other future post I will take about upgrading or downgrading your stable and what it means and how much maintenance stables require. I hope you have a merry Christmas! Take care!