Apples falling from the tree

Its been a hectic month here on Dash. Horses have been galloping around with their rides and apples have started to fall from the trees. Don’t ask me, its not even spring yet nor fall.

Horses love apples, well most of the horses too. Maybe a few of them refuse to eat the apples.

Development on Dash is on schedule for alpha testing sometime this year. I don’t have a set date for it as I’m in knee deep in code trying to poke the horses into doing their own things.

I do have one good feature to reveal. Horses now control their own movement. They may or may not listen as they are directed on where to go by their riders. They could fight back, they could refuse to go into the water. They could turn around and head in the opposite direction. They could even stop in one place and not move. Certain horses could even freak when they see goats. They could throw their riders into the river! They could be barn sour and if you don’t pay attention they’ll heading right back home!

Yes these are like real horses! Not a horse that does exactly what you want every time. Push-button horses are not real horses. They are machines, not living creatures. Play every horse game out there and you’ll see what I mean.

Riding a horse should take skill and patience. It should not be easy as pressing forward on the controls. If your horsemanship skills aren’t up to the task, don’t be upset if you get tossed to the ground.

I’m trying to make these horses into wonderful creatures that they are. It is amazing to see how they come alive, doing their own things. I can’t wait to seeĀ  how their personalities develop!