Horses should be smarter!

Picture this! Have you ever played a game where you dismounted from your horse and he stands there obvious to everything in the world. Nothing can spook this horse nor enemies or even explosions. He is simply dead to the world. Unless you call for him which means he’ll teleport to your location ready for you to ride the instant you press the call button in a epic movie scene fashion!

What you have here is a hay powered motorcycle who needs no inputs from its rider. That is not a horse. It isn’t even close to a horse. Its a non living thing that only resembles a horse. Technology has advanced so far in one decade and yet horses still do not act themselves. It is a shame.

Yes I know about technical limitations and I deal with them every day. Horse AI seems to be low priority for good reason and that is how you get horses that stand there waiting for their riders to do something. Can’t they at least be a bit barn sour and try to head back to their pasture mates? At least a little? Make those players work for it! Have them deal with troublesome horses at least…

Now what if you call this horse “Spirit?” No! Spirit would never want to have you as a rider or any rider. Why is it their wish fulfillment to ride a wild horse like Spirit anyway? No I wasn’t into the movie. That said Spirit is Spirit and no he doesn’t want to be ridden by you! But I digress.

Horses aren’t machines and they shouldn’t be shown as such. They are curious and easily frightened creatures who have their own personalities. Its wonderful to see them in action and how they have a pecking order and…why can’t games show that! Maybe because that would make some players upset that their horses do not “behave” Well I can only guess at this rate.

Those horses in games are boring. They could be much more exciting and believable to the average horse gamer that you could point to the screen and say yes I do hate this horse who refuses to listen to me. Sounds like real life! Maybe the forums could be flooded with questions and opinions on how to get your digital horse to work with you. Maybe some horses can’t be ridden or trained no matter what you do.

How cool would that be? Then everyone would complain horses are too much of a pain to be ridden and how they wish they would just do want the players want then we’re back to horses being dead to the world. I guess there is no way to win with this. Some players want an easy horse regardless.

What if you found a special horse that bonds with you over time as you work with the horse and learn all their personality quirks and needs. Also the horse doesn’t like any other players except you! Wouldn’t that be cool? A horse with an actual personality. Just like in real life! Yes your friends would be jealous you got this horse yet who cares. You’re the one with the special horse! So you have to give the horse a special name and the horse listens to you! Compared to other horses this horse is special! What? Whats that noise?

** Sound of hooves fading away **

Goddammit Thunder get back here!

** Pulls up chat window and types away **

“Missing Bay 15.3 Tbred Mare with white forehead and one sock on left foreleg. Goes by the name Thunder. Will pay well for her return please msg me asap! She already escaped twice.”