Pathfinding in Dash Society

What is pathfinding and what does it have to do a with a horse game. Well I am here to tell you why it matters and how it works in Dash.

Pathfinding is a way for the horses in the game to find their way around obstacles and other horses. It is a way for herds to roam the landscape without being stuck on obstacles and Β for getting away from nearby players. Horses will have to dodge riders and obstacles and the terrain to get to where they want to be.

Without it, horses would have no common sense on how to move around the world and would be hopelessly stuck in places no living animal would be stuck in. A small boulder in a field with nothing around it could keep a horse stuck for hours as there is no pathing around it for the horse to follow. Earlier versions of Dash suffered from this issue many times in the past.

How do the wild herds work when they are on the move with 2 to 3 and up to 20 horses in one herd? They follow the lead or head horse usually the lead stallion while they navigate the map. The horses stay in the herd by sticking close to the lead horse and far enough apart so they don’t trample each other. They move as one loosely cohesive group.

This should lead to an experience on encountering a new herd and having them run away from riders in a general direction while staying together. It is also becomes possible for riders to break or cut one or two horses out of the herd and rope them while separated from the other horses. That will be the best chance on catching a horse and bringing them back to the farm. Look out of the lead stallion though as he may come back and fight you and dismount you from your horse while you to steal his herd. Lead stallions are the hardest horses to catch and tame. Quite fun it would be πŸ™‚

Welcome to the new Dash Society’s horse game blog!

I’m glad we finally reached this point. Dash will have a blog to post all the newest details and latest videos and art. In later posts I’ll explain what makes this game different from most other horse games!

Dash is a horse game with horse sim elements. The game does not mix genres as it more defines them. Basically I say Dash is a zombie survival game without the zombies and you have horses to get around in. Horses are useful, they are companions and they can do many things if you work with them to do so.

With that taken care of I like to post on how often this blog will be updated. Most of the time this blog will be updated first before other sources like Facebook, Deviantart, website, other forums. If you want to find the latest information you’ll find it at this blog. But you may not find all the info because it may be scattered to different places. It is part of the fun of exploration πŸ™‚

If you want to ask questions or clarify something then you can ask them anywhere. It does not have to be at this blog. I will also go into details about how horse artificial intelligence works in Dash and how players will interact with them. Also I will go into other features like clubs and groups and going out exploring in the wilds.

If the blog hasn’t been updated for a bit that probably means I’m hard at work on a problem or adding in new content that I can’t be interrupted. Most likely I will find time to update this blog. So no worries there πŸ™‚

To finish off I have a new horse to show you! If you look up above this you’ll see an Appaloosa running loose. Yes Appaloosas are coming to Dash with all their wild, crazy coloring. You may see one running free today!







Dash Society Preview Trailer is coming soon!

Well I am happy to announce that the trailer for Dash Society is being worked on and its looking good. This is not the only trailer that will be made. I’m looking to have several trailers made in the future. This trailer will show off what Dash is really about and it’ll be about 1 minute and 30 seconds long. Give or take a couple of seconds.