Somewhere on the Steppe, east of the city of Dash

I was born on the Himara steppe yet my life began on the back of a horse. When I was young I dreamed what was out there on the steppe in the wilderness where the wild animals roamed day and night.

The birds flocked in the mornings. The lions and wolves hunted at night and slept the day away. Bears roamed at their leisure. Foxes leaped from their chasing after their much smaller prey. Elk and deer forged the grasslands and streams for food.

The steppe brimmed with life and the herds of animals that roamed in large numbers. The elks, sheep, goats, and the buffalo that numbered in the thousands. They were everywhere and the ground shook with their coming.

Yet the one that caught my attention the most were the wild horses. They were wild and they could be tamed. Each one of them were wild and breathed freedom from their nostrils. The unique coloration on their coats gave them their own personalities. They were unique and I grew to know them by names they were given. I embraced them and they became part of my life. I studied and learn everything about their habits and behaviors. How they treated each other and formed a herd as stallions and mares. Fillies and colts playing near their dams. Bachelors forming their own group after being chased out by the dominant stallion.

We lived among them for we were the steppe. The steppe was our home and we followed the wild herds as they migrated along with the seasons. We had our winter grounds and the summer expeditions. There was always new land to explore and it would take a life time to see them all. Life was good and the hunting was plentiful. We would travel for days and sleep at night under many stars in the sky.

I heard of people who choose to give up their nomadic ways and choose to settled in one location through all the seasons and claimed it as their land. They called is civilization and declared it superior to our own uncivilized ways. For what reason I could not tell. To give up one's freedom and to assume a lifestyle of sitting in one place with no passion and call it home.

For generations we lived on the Himara steppe. It gave us life and purpose as we rode on it. We did not own the land. Himara existed before we came and owned itself. We merely lived our lives on its lands.

They claimed the land they sit and called us uncivilized. They work every scrape of land to bring food so they can store for later. For they are poorer than we are and struggle every day to bring food while we feast. Our home is the Himara steppe and we roam it at will. For days we roam the grasslands and at night we sleep under the stars for we have our horses and we can go anywhere.

Civilization is creeping into the steppe and many choose to live in those crowded places. Yet those places are few and far in between. In the wild only the strong can survive and that is how we make our way. Why would there be any other way to live?

I have a choice to make. Do I abandoned my traditions and nomadic life style and join civilization or do I keep my life and forge ahead in the wilderness no matter how things are. We may feast but we also may famine. In every way that I choose my horse will be next to me. As a companion and as my means of living. I no longer dread this choice because the future is up to me.

Should I join civilization or should I remain free?